How You Know You Can Trust Your Bail Agent

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The best bail agents will freely welcome and encourage you to ask them any and all questions, including ones that relate to their legitimacy; they will happily and willingly answer you. If they may seem uncomfortable with the questions, you might want to pass on them and continue your search. After all, your quality of service will is dependent on their professionalism.

Here are 3 pivotal questions to ask bail agents before hiring them:

  1. Can you show me your license? You need someone who is currently licensed and has no history of complaints. You need the best of the best, the most qualified of the most qualified.
  2. What do you charge? Know what you need to pay, before you pay. Double check there will be no hidden fees.
  3. Can I get that in writing? Don’t fall for scams or get stuck in cloude...

What TV Does And Doesn’t Get Right About Bail

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Naturally, we sometimes think that what happens on television is a direct reflection of the real world. But when we find out the truth of some matters, such as how bail and bail bonds really works in real life, we go, “I didn’t know that! TV didn’t show me that!” Here is the fast truth about bail and bail bonds so that you know that television does and doesn’t get right about it (or what they don’t show you).

  • Bail is paid so that an arrested individual can be released from custody on the agreement that he or she will come to court when they are asked.
  • Bail can be paid in full in cash or with a bail bond, which brings in third party help from a bail agent.
  • Not everyone is eligible for bail, as it is dependent on the crime, past crimes, the defendant’s ties to the community, an...

My Miranda Could Be The “Guardian Angel” You Never Knew You Had

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Miranda is like a middle-aged guardian angel looking out for all arrested individuals. Before the 1960s Miranda vs. Arizona case, there were no laws protecting the rights of arrested people. They could be interrogated under intimidating police methods that might lead to a false submission of guilt. This then would be used to put that innocent person in jail.

Today, the Miranda Rights must be read to those the police intend to interrogate.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?”

The Miranda Rights protect self-in...

Clients Speak The Truth – See Why West Carson Bail Bond Store Is The Best

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No matter where we go, we always want excellent, top-notch customer service – be it at a restaurant, a resort, or a retail shop. However we know that that is not always the case and while it may be a little off-putting, it’s not a deal-breaker (unless we experienced outstandingly awful service).

For customer service expectations from a company like a bail bond company that is dealing with a loved one’s freedom and legal issues though, we expect that top-notch customer service. After all, there is more at stake then a company’s own reputation – a client’s life. Customers ought to expect excellent service, and the company should always maintain that excellence with pride and integrity, but also with friendliness...

Bail Vs. Bail Bond Store: The Difference Between The Two

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A judge will set bail for an arrested individual during his or her bail hearing. This is money that will be paid to the court so the arrested individual can be released from custody. By posting bail, the arrested individual promises to return and stand before a judge when ordered. At the close of the trial, if the defendant met all terms asked of him or her, the bail money will be returned – it’s essentially an incentive for them to follow court ordered obligations because if they fail to show up, the court keeps the money.

A bail bond is an alternative to paying bail in full...

4 New California Laws You Need To Know About

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We are almost five months into 2015 and you probably don’t know a lot of the 900 new California laws passed in January, huh? Well, we’re here to highlight some of the biggest changes because it’s very important to simply be aware – so you can exercise your rights if you’re ever in the situation, and so you do not “accidentally and innocently” do not violate the law. (Not knowing about the law will not get you off the hook if you’re caught!)

  • Yes Means Yes – Consensual sex in college now must be agreed upon by both parties in a lucid and coherent state of mind. This allows colleges to receive state funding. California is the first US state to replace the No Means No law with this Yes Means Yes law.
  • Audrie’s Law – Teens face harsher punishments if they are convicted of s...

Why You Need To Remember To Be Happy

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Don’t be afraid to admit that you tend to overlook how blessed you are in life – we’ve all there with you every day. We may not necessarily be taking things and people for granted – a home, a family, education, work, food, transportation, leisure spending, etc. But we sure tend to forget that so many other people do not have the same access to our privileges, though they sure would love to.

At the same time, we sometimes put these privileges into jeopardy when we make a mistake and land behind bars. Family and friend bonds take a strain, you may lose your job, your leisure activities sure change. You’re suddenly confined to a small cell with nowhere to go and few people to interact with. What did you do that made you end up here?

If you’re willing to rectify the situation we, ...

Why Family-Oriented People Are Happier And More Successful

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Family members – they can be all sorts of fun, loving, overbearing, and annoying at times. But that sounds pretty typical to every family and it quickly becomes easy to deal with. And though you don’t want to admit it, you might even miss quirky antics every now and then! Family members are the people to hold closest to the heart and the ones we deserve to spend as much time with as possible because family-oriented individuals are happier and more successful.

By spending time with children, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, we develop the strongest support system, no matter the geographical distance. Even just taking some time every week to call one up is a good habit...

Sports Games Are Fun. Jail Time Is Not

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This is an exciting time of year for sports fans out there – the NBA playoffs have begun, and baseball season is starting. Rivalries clash, and the intensity of games can rise. It’s fun to be competitive on a legal and safe level. By this, we mean not letting your passion for sports blow up and land you throwing punches at another person.

Fights at sports games occur every now and then for reasons that mostly stem from supporters of opposing teams. Intoxication is often a factor. And before you know it, security breaks up the fight, the police arrive, and the parties are handcuffed. Occasionally some involved end up in the hospital with severe injuries...

If Anyone Can Help You, It’s Us Gardena Bail Bond Store

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As a longstanding bail bond company in California, Gardena Bail Bond Store is proud to serve anyone and everyone. We do not turn clients away because of their location, their financial situation, or the crime. We always find a way to help so they can be reunited with their loved one outside of jail. This is a family-owned business and you are our priority.

  • Speedy and professional service.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Low-monthly payment plans that fit your financial needs.
  • Zero interest.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Genuine care for each client.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • We travel to you.
  • State-wide service.
  • Credit cards accepted.
  • Online payment system.
  • 27 years in the business with the most experienced, friendly, and reliable agents.
  • More customer satisfaction than any other bail company.

To make an appointment, cal...