Helpful Ways To Save And Recoup Money For Bail


Paying for a bail bonds means meeting monthly payments on time. While easier and more affordable than the straight bail option, some people might still be stretched thin on money.

Here are some helpful ways and guidelines that Signal Hill Bail Bond Store Services recommend that you take heed to in order to save and recoup your money for bail:

  • Move bank accounts to gain the most benefits and highest interest
  • Buy essentials and use coupons and sales
  • Set aside a percentage or amount of each paycheck for bail
  • Buy groceries and cook meals instead of eating out
  • Set budgets – only spend x amount of necessities, x amount for pleasure, x amount for bail. Do not go over the first two. Any leftover unspent money from the first two can be put towards bail.
  • Keep tracking of spending
  • Pick up a part t...

When A Citizen, Not A Police Officer, Will Make An Arrest


There are certain situations where a citizen will make an arrest because the police are not present to do so. These are considered citizen’s arrests.

Citizen’s arrests are mostly for felonies. They can occur for misdemeanors if the misdemeanor involved a breach of peace.

In order to carry out a citizen’s arrest, the crime must have already occurred and the citizen making the arrest must have at least reasonable suspicion of who the perpetrator is. The crime need not have occurred in the citizen’s presence.

Anyone making a citizen’s arrest must be very cautious of how they carry it out. Excessive force can get them into trouble themselves...

Reporting A Crime: Moral Or Legal Obligation?


If someone witnesses a crime or learned of later, they morally should report it, but legally, they are not required to. Why wouldn’t someone report a crime that they may have knowledge of? Is it a question of self-preservation including the overall safety of their family as a whole, or just not wanting to get involved, period.

    These are a few provisions under California law that Rossmor Bail Bond Store Services feel that every citizen should be aware of:

  • A person can be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a crime, even if they did not carry out the actual crime itself. An example would be someone who acts as a lookout for another person carrying out a crime at the same time.
  • Under California’s Mandatory Reporting Law, some people like teachers, counselors, and social works have a leg...

The Rich And Famous Need Bail Bond Store Too


Just because someone is rich and famous (or just rich) doesn’t mean they always get special treatment.

Just like every other citizen, celebrities don’t get away with crimes because of their social status. This still need to pay their financial dues and maybe even be jailed.

You’d be surprised to learn just how many celebrities still choose to get a bail bond when they clearly have the money to pay court and be fully refunded later. Remember, the money paid for a bail bond is not refundable. Whether it’s easier for them to make smaller bail bond payments or they simply do not care about getting their money back, celebrities use bail bonds to get out of jail all the time.

Long Beach Bail Bonds Services has experienced this, and we can help you too...

The Signs Of Someone With A Secret


Do you know the signs of someone who needs help, but won’t be the one to ask for it or admit it? Doing so can be difficult for them and perhaps they’re secretly hoping for someone to notice they see off. Here are some things that you might notice:

  • Reserved – they spend more time by themselves, less time with family and friends. They stop reaching out to others to hang out. Now, they must be reached out to and they will likely pass on the event. They’re less talkative.
  • Distracted – they’re less focused at work, at home, and when they do go out with others. They’re not as efficient at work and they see to daze off more often than not.
  • Lazy – instead of cooking a meal or going to the gym or even getting other chores, errands, or tasks done, they’d rather sleep in every weekend, wa...

How You Can Find Out If There’s A Warrant Out For Your Arrest


If you were up to some suspicious activity recently but haven’t been caught (yet), you may want to check to see if there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Now, how can you do that? It’s Simple. Just contact Paramount Bail Bond Store Services if you have any reservations or concerns and we will be able to provide you with all of the information that you seek pertaining to these matters. Yes, we specialize in bail bonds but we also have the legal access and authority to search the data banks anonymously, free of charge, on your behalf to check if there are any obligations that you need to attend to concerning the court system.

You’ll definitely need to turn yourself in if there is a warrant, but we can at least begin preliminary discussions concerning your bail bond options...

Cypress Bail Bond Store Services Does Not Deny Anyone


Unlike other bail bond companies, Cypress Bail Bond Store Services will not deny someone a bail bond because they cannot make payments. We are able to work around all sorts of personal situations, finding a way to work with anyone who needs a bail bond.

For us, it’s not about swindling money out of desperate clients. We do our job because we get to reunite torn family and friends. That is our satisfaction from doing what we do.

Consultations are free here at Cypress Bail Bond Store Services and there is absolutely no obligation. We won’t pressure you (you’ve got enough to worry about) but we do hope you’ll see our services as being the most helpful and understanding compared to others. We believe in the emotional value of helping others.

Learn more by speaking with one of our ag...

Embarrassed To Need A Bail Bond? Don’t Be!


We mean it when we say you should never be embarrassed to need a bail bond. For one, our team at Downtown Bail Bond Store Services is not about judging what you or your loved one has done. And two, this is a way to show others that you’re taking this “second chance” seriously. You could easily be sitting in jail hiding from people who are whispering about you. But instead you choose to bail out and face them, despite their talking. By bailing out of jail, you are not afraid to go about your daily life and face the legal proceedings that are coming your way.

Your Downtown Bail Bond Store Services agent will see that you are released from jail as soon as possible. He or she will also be with you every step of the way through your trial period. We’re here to provide support. Get in ...

Do Not Get Behind The Wheel!


Come New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, you cant count on two things to be present:

  1. A lot of alcohol to be flowing.
  2. A lot of police to be patroling.

The alcohol provides the fun and the police provide the assurance of safety. In addition, for a number of people, they’ll play the role of “the party pooper.”

There are more arrests for DUIs and public intoxication on these days than other days of the year and this year will be no different. There will be more checkpoints too. But just the same, you can expect more cab, Uber, Lyft, Sidecar drivers and more busses running at later hours than normal.

So obviously, you should not get behind the wheel whatsoever if you are going to be drinking that night. Besides, who wants to be the designated driver anyway?

Long Beach Bail Bonds S...

Embrace The New Year Along With Your New Goals


With every New Year comes a new set of personal goals. For 2016, what do you think about being an improved role model for those who you spend the most time with?

Closest friends and family feed off of who you are. If you’re goofy, they’re goofy. If you’re studious, they’re studious. If you’re a troublemaker, there’s a good chance they are too. (This is not to say they or you can be a well-rounded person with multiple of said qualities).

You can be aspirational. You can be a role model for them. Especially if you’re at the young adult age (college to maybe mid to late twenties), you’re still having a lot of fun, not quite yet tied down with your own family, but knowing you need to start getting serious about life.

Avoid those chances of getting into police trouble – we’d ra...