Would You Let A Police Officer Search Your Vehicle?

Would You Let A Police Officer Search Your Vehicle

Would You Let A Police Officer Search Your Vehicle

One of the first things an officer often does when they pull you over for a traffic infraction is take a peek inside your car. In some cases, they’ll ask you to get out of the vehicle while they do a thorough search of the interior. Watching them go through the items you have tucked in your vehicle is enough to make anyone wonder whether the search is actually legal.

Your Rights and Your Car

The letter of the law is clear when it comes to the police searching both your person or your home, but they become vaguer when the search involves your vehicle, which makes it difficult to know whether the officer who pulled you over has overstepped.

When the founding fathers started arguing about the constitution and later about the amendments they needed, they never dreamt about things like cars ...

Behind The Badge

Behind The Badge

Behind The Badge

When we’re younger, we dream of becoming astronauts, presidents, firefighters, doctors, police officers, and peacekeepers. We dream big, and never let anybody tell us we can’t be a cowboy and an astronaut at the same time. It’s a magical time in our childhood when we believe in ourselves. Unfortunately, we grow older and start to have doubts, and question the choices we made. We start thinking that if only you were more passionate about it, you could have had your dream job. This is not always true, because you have the final say in your own life. If you want to be a cowboy, you can always pick up horseback riding now. If you want to become a California police officer, apply yourself.

The police nationwide have been under scrutiny by the media lately...

What is Flag Day?

What is Flag Day?

What is Flag Day?

Before we celebrate fathers, we have to celebrate the flag. This year, Flag Day falls on Thursday June 14th. If you’re not familiar with this holiday, it’s okay. It is considered a national holiday, yet we don’t get the time off for it. This makes it less important to us even though it’s extremely relevant.

Flag Day is not the Fourth of July. It’s commonly mixed up with other patriotic holidays because it is about the flag. However, not many people actually know what Flag Day is. The holiday is about honoring the flag that symbolizes the country’s ideas and freedom. The flag itself is thought to represent many abstract ideas of the country’s freedom philosophy. In general, the flag represents the 13 original colonies with the red and white strips...

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horseback Riding Laws: Even Horses Have Laws

Horses can be wild creatures. Somehow we’re able to tame them, and teach them to do tricks and how to be ridden. We form bonds with these creatures. Unlike cats and dogs, horses cannot be pushed around so easily. You don’t tell a horse to do anything, you ask it. After all, a thousand pound creature doesn’t need your permission. A horse and rider share a bond that only they can really understand. A horse depends on the rider to take care of it. The rider in return gets to have a partner. It’s a fun relationship between a horse and rider. However what about the relationship between the horse, rider, and California state law?

If you plan on riding your horse on highways and roads you need to be prepared. Even though you’re on your horse you still need to obey the rules of the road...

Motorcycle Laws: Two Wheels of Freedom, Right?

Motorcycle Laws: Two Wheels of Freedom, Right?

Motorcycle Laws: Two Wheels of Freedom, Right?

The warmer weather seems to be intoxicating for Californians. There’s something about feeling the wind through your hair as you cruise down back roads and take in the views. While some are satisfied with a hand out the window or the top down, others may prefer two wheels. A beautiful day in California will bring out motorcyclist. It may be super relaxing, but it can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Motorcyclists have to obey the same laws that other drivers need to and then some. They have to be extra careful when riding a motorcycle because they are not protected by anything other than the clothes on their backs. When they get into an accident, they don’t have airbags or seatbelts to keep them safe.

Motorcyclists need to drive as if no one can see them...

Understanding Mitigated Vs. Aggravated DUI Charges In California

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Long Beach Bail Bonds

It’s no secret that California takes drinking and driving seriously. If your blood alcohol content is 0.08%or higher, you’re considered legally intoxicated. If you get pulled over, you will be hauled to the nearest county or city jail and you will have to appear in court.

What many California drivers don’t know, is that each judge in California has been provided with a set of guidelines that they consult whenever they’re hearing a DUI case. The judge can choose how they use the guidelines. Therefore, some people seem to get punished much more severely for a DUI offense than other people.

Factors the sitting judge considers when your DUI case goes before them include:

  • How far over the legal limit your BAC was when you were pulled over
  • The reason you were pulled over
  • What your...

Can A Tenant Legally Withhold Rent?

Jail or In-Laws?

Jail or In-Laws?

The relationship between tenants and their landlords can be complicated. Often what one person in the relationship thinks of as fair, the other considers the short end of the stick. It’s not unusual for tenants to get so fed up with a landlord, that they decide to force the landlord into taking action by withholding rent. While withholding rent until repairs have been made is allowed, in California, the laws surrounding the decision are complicated.

When can a Tenant Withhold Rent

H&S §17920.3 which is also called California’s State Housing Law, is a law that has been adopted by nearly all of California’s cities as well as the state’s legislators.

The law clearly stipulates the minimum requirements the landlords must do with regards to things like:

  • Overall condition of the stru...

Using GPS in California Could Result in Legal Trouble

Bail Bonds in Lakewood

Very few of us even carry a map in the car with us. Why would we when GPS is so much more accurate and gives us directions while we actually drive. As wonderful as GPS devices are, if you’re driving in California and using one, you need to be careful.

Like most states, California has clear rules about doing things like calling a friend up while you’re driving or sending text messages. Getting caught doing either of those things can result in a hefty ticket. Until January 2017, GPS’s devices were different. You were free to key in all sorts of information into them even while you were zipping down the highway. That’s no longer the case.

In January 2017, laws about the legal use of GPS devices went into effect...

The Consequences of Ignoring a Mandatory Evacuation

Making Things Easier on Clients

Last year, California had a rash of wildfires that resulted in the police ordering a large number of mandatory evacuations. The idea of these mandatory evacuations is that it keeps people safe and allows emergency crews to focus on handling problems rather than saving people’s lives.

The problem is that there are several people who seem to think that a mandatory evacuation is actually a voluntary thing, so they stay at home. The Journal of Transportation Engineering did one study and was surprised to learn that when an evacuation became mandatory, the number of people who left their homes only increased by 6%.

Some of the reasons people give for not obeying the order to evacuate their homes include:

  • They didn’t want to leave their pets behind
  • A disability made it impossible for the...

Citizens Push for Tougher Hit and Run Laws

What’s Worse than a DUI? A DUI While Underage.

A recent string of hit and run accidents has shaken the Los Angeles community to its core. In April there were four fatal hit and run accidents that are particularly troubling. These accidents took place on the 110 Freeway and were within a three-mile section. The hit and run accidents involved the deaths of one pedestrian, two cyclists, and one man who was in his wheelchair when he was struck.

Los Angeles’s Vision Zero Called to Task

Vision Zero is a program that was created in 2015 by the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti after he became aware that more than 200 people who are either walking or biking near streets are struck and killed each year...