What Fireworks Are Legal in California?

fireworks long beach bail bonds

fireworks long beach bail bonds

June is quickly racing by, bringing us closer and closer to one of the biggest and most important holidays of the year for the nation. There is no denying that the fourth of july is a huge deal to everyone living in America. After all, the holiday celebrates the country’s founding. The Fourth of July is the United States of America’s birthday, and every citizen wants to celebrate it.

Celebrations vary depending on the location, but they all tend to revolve around a few select practices. For instance, most people through barbecues, small towns love to host parades, and people love to set off fireworks once the skies get dark enough. While all of these things are a part of the usual celebrations for the holiday, one of them can be very dangerous.

Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth ...

What Kind of Video Games Is Your Child Playing?

Parenting is not an easy task, but at least school is there to take the kids away for a few hours each day. That helps. However, summer is now here and the kids are free from school for the season. It can be tough for parents to figure out how to keep their kids busy and entertained over the summer.

Nowadays, many kids are easily entertained with a video game of some sort. Luckily, there are plenty of games to choose from to keep the kiddies entertained. However, a parent needs to make sure that the game their kid is playing is appropriate for them. Some parents don’t realize that there is a way to determine what is in a game without having to play it.

How to Rate a Game

Video games come in all sorts of “shapes and sizes.” There truly is something for everyone, so long as they ar...

Is It Too Hot for Your Dog?

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reliable bail bonds in long beach

As the weather warms up, people begin to venture outside more and more. At least until it becomes too hot, then people tend to hide out indoors. Everyone likes warm weather because it allows them to go outside. However, if things warms up too much, people would rather avoid the heat.

Still, some people don’t mind the heat, and will continue with their outdoor activities regardless of the temperatures. Some of these people will even take their dogs with them. After all, dogs love to go on adventures too, especially if their human is involved. However, taking a dog out for a walk, or even a game of fetch, in this heat can be dangerous for the furry creature.

How Do Dogs Cool Off?

It is obvious to see that dogs and humans are not the same. We are two very different creatures...

Don’t Leave Dogs Unattended in Cars This Summer

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long beach bail bonds in california

Summer has arrived here in California. For some, this means it’s time to go out and enjoy summer activities at a beach or pool. For others, it means it is time to avoid going outside as much as possible. Whichever group a person might be a part of, they are still going to find themselves driving from time to time. For some of those instances, they may decide to bring their dog with them.

While bringing a dog can make a boring trip to the grocery store more fun, bringing the pooch along in hot weather can be dangerous to their health. Every year, far too many dogs are injured or killed because their owner left them unattended in a vehicle on a hot, or even warm, day. If a person wants to avoid such a tragedy with their own dog, they need to be careful.

It’s Too Hot for Dogs

No one lik...

Shaming Parents Behind on Child Support Payments

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long beach bail bonds

Getting a divorce can be a pretty ugly mess, especially when children are involved. Custody battles can be terrible, and can cause rifts between both parents that last a lifetime. However, those differences should be put aside for the sake of the children, no matter which parent they end up with. After all, by having kids in the first place, both parents signed on to the job of taking care of and raising them.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen after a divorce. Even though a parent may have lost custody of their children, they still usually have to pay some form of child support because children are expensive. If a parent doesn’t pay that money, the other parent will struggle to provide their children with what they need. This isn’t fair to the kids, which is why some Califo...

The Snakes Are Coming Out to Enjoy the Sun Too

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long beach bail bonds

Summer is rapidly approaching, and with it comes all of the warm weather that California is known for. After all, as the state that guarantees sunshine to the masses, California is known for its sunny and warm weather. This great weather allows people to enjoy the fresh air outside in all sorts of different ways. While this is great, people aren’t the only ones out and about to soak up some sun.

As the days grow warmer and sunnier, reptiles of all types begin to emerge. This means that snakes begin to come out from hiding, and thereby increases the chances of snakes and humans meet. Many people have some form of phobia, which is a fear of snakes. In fact, this is the second most common phobia to have, right behind arachnophobia. Since some snakes are venomous, it is pretty reasonable t...

Strange Laws from Across the US

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 afford to bail long beach

NWhen people think about laws, they typically think of carefully crafted rules meant to keep people safe or in line. While most laws could safely fit into that category, not all of them do. Lawmakers are people just like everyone else, which means they are prone to bad ideas just as much as everyone else is. This is how crazy and weird laws end up in existence.

It is no secret that the state of California has its fair share of odd laws. After all, who would think guaranteeing sunshine to the masses or forbidding wild animals from mating in certain areas would be a good idea. Still, the state of California is not the only one with strange laws. Every single state in the Union has its own odd laws that make people scratch their heads.

States and Their Odd Laws

No matter which state a person...

The Law That Everyone Has Broken at Least Once

long beach bail bondsman

long beach bail bondsman

With the literal thousands of different laws within the US, and even California alone, it is nearly impossible to follow all of them all of the time. Most of the time, people break laws not because they meant to, but because they simply didn’t know that doing that action was illegal. However, there are some instances when everyday people purposefully break the law.

When regular people break a law, it usually is due to the fact that they feel the law is pointless, or that it shouldn’t apply to them. Many people may argue that they don’t break a law, however there is one type of law that pretty much everyone is guilty of breaking from time to time. In fact it is typically broken several thousands of times a day. This law would be speed limits.

Everyone Speeds at Some Point

Every dri...