What Are the Laws about Marijuana in California?

long beach bail bonds cannabis laws

long beach bail bonds cannabis laws

Proposition 64 was passed by voters in November 2016. This set the groundwork for the recreational use of marijuana to become legal in the state on January 1st, 2018. This changed up how marijuana could be used in the state, and removed many of the penalties for smaller marijuana based offenses. However, it did not legalize everything with marijuana usage, and that is where there is some confusion.

Even though this change went into effect a year ago, it is still relatively new. This means that most people are a bit fuzzy on what exactly changed. Many people are unaware of what is now legal, and what can still get them into trouble when it comes to marijuana.

The Law and Personal Use

It is now legal for a person 21 years or older to possess up to one ounce of dried marijuana or up to 8 gra...

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

long beach bail bonds driving drunk

long beach bail bonds driving drunk

When it comes to any party holiday, it is safe to assume that there will be a lot of drinking. Under normal circumstances, drinking is fine. However, some people still think it is okay to consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle. When a person does that, they increase their chances of getting into a very serious accident that could kill someone.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a person is injured in a drunk driving accident every 2 minutes in the US. This number comes from a 2010 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report. On top of that, an estimated 300,000 people drive drunk every single day in the US, and only around 2,800 people are arrested for the crime daily...

Remember to Lock up Each Night

long beach bail bonds preventing home burglaries

long beach bail bonds preventing home burglaries

Most people work hard every week day. They wake up, face all kinds of traffic, work for eight hours, face more traffic, and head home. Doing this day after day provides a person with the money they need to afford their home, car, groceries, and other bills. If a person didn’t put in all of this hard work, they wouldn’t have their home or any of the other stuff that they enjoy.

Since people work so hard to earn what they have, they want to make sure that they don’t lose it. After all, no one wants to ever be robbed. Unfortunately, after a long day at work, it can be easy to forget to lock up at night. By not locking up each night, a person increases the chances of being robbed, which is why law enforcement agencies around the country are working hard to remind everyone to lock up th...

Tired of Dealing with Spam Phone Calls?

long beach bail bonds spam calls

long beach bail bonds spam calls

NPhones and cellphones are pretty great they give a person access to everyone important to them. Unfortunately, phones also give everyone access to that person. Spammers and scammers can get in touch with anyone thanks to phones, and that can be incredibly annoying. No one likes to be interrupted, especially for something that isn’t important.

Spammers are typically either telemarketers who want to sell a product or service or survey takers looking to ask some question. Scammers want to trick a person in to doing something for them. Neither group is fun to talk to on the phone.

Luckily, caller ID has enabled people to recognize who is calling before answering the phone. This saves everyone from having to talk to spam/scam phone call, but they still make the phone ring and leave annoyin...

Dealing with Bullying and the New School Year

long beach bail bonds bullying

long beach bail bonds bullying

The start of a new school comes with all sorts of new challenges for students. Most of them are academic in nature, but a few come from the other students. Often times this comes in the form of trying to get situated in the new status quo of the year and making new friends. Unfortunately, this can also manifest as bullying.

Bullying has been around for as long as people have been around. Kids especially are good at noticing differences amongst people and poking and prodding at those differences relentlessly. This can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and worse. That is why it is so important for parents to talk to their kids about bullying...

A New School Year Means New Peer Pressure

long beach bail bonds vaping laws

long beach bail bonds vaping laws

The new school year has arrived and students are working hard to get back into the swing of things. While most adults just think about all of the new classes their child will be taking, and all of the new teachers working to educate their child, the kids have other things to worry about, mostly fitting in.

While summer break is short, compared to the rest of the year, it is a long time for children. A lot of things can change over the course of single season. Once a new school year starts, kids either have to rebuild their old relationships, or find new ones. When it comes to making new friends, sometimes kids may wind up doing things considered unsafe in the sake of fitting in.

One trend that is on the rise amongst middle and high school students is the use of electronic cigarettes (e-c...

Are You Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School?

long beach bail bonds back to school tips

long beach bail bonds back to school tips

Summer is drawing to a close, and for many parents, this means that their child is going back to school soon. As far as parents as concerned, this is a great day. The kids will soon be out of their parents’ hair and preoccupied with their own daily studies. This can make a parent’s life just a little bit easier, which is always appreciated.

However, as calm as things can be when the kids are away, parents will always worry about their little ones. Parents are always concerned for their kids’ safety, even when they are a school. So while the new school year brings some peace and quiet, it does come with some extra worry too. Luckily, there are some things that parents can do to help their child stay safe at school.

Some Tips to Keep Kids Safe and Healthy This School Year

A parent’s...

School Zone Ahead: Keep an Eye out for Kids

Summer is coming to a close, much to the chagrin of children everywhere. The end of summer means it is time to head back to school for another year. While kids are frustrated by the loss of their freedom, their parents are usually rejoicing. They are no longer in charge of keeping their children safe and entertained. However, back to school does come with a view headaches for parents as well as kids.

Arguably one of the worst parts for parents when it comes to school, is dealing with the traffic. Every day, hundreds of parents are all trying to drop off and pick up their students at the same times every day. This creates a lot of congestion around the school, which creates several headaches for parents.

Tips for Driving through School Zones

Driving through school zones is never a lot of...