Strange Laws from California

bail bonds

bail bonds

When people think about laws, they often think about sensible rules that make sense. However, it is important to remember that laws are made by people, and this means that some real nonsense can be made into actual laws that govern the people. This is true of every country, state, and city. California is no exception.

The Golden State is home to its own bits of weirdness thanks to some odd laws. Many of these laws were created long ago, and as such, show their age. Others are a little more recent, and while it may be possible to see what the lawmaker was going for, the wording of the law isn’t quite right.

Why Are These Even Laws?

California became a state on September 9, 1850...

What Is Money Laundering and Why Is It Illegal?

Money laundering

Everyone is aware of the obvious fact that committing crimes is illegal. What can often get people into trouble is not knowing which acts are considered illegal in the first place. This leads to people doing something they thought was okay and then winding up in trouble with the law.

For instance, people are aware that stealing money from someone else is bad. However, many people do not realize that just depositing illegally gained money into a bank account is illegal. While it sounds a little, silly, there is a good reason for this.

The Definition of Money Laundering

The act of depositing illegally gotten money into a bank account, or any other legitimate institution, is called money laundering. This is a reference to how the person depositing the dirty money, because it was obtained f...

Laws That Minors Can Break but Adults Cannot

Juvenile vs adult

Everyone knows what crimes are and what would happen if they were to commit one. This is just something that people learn over time. However, there is something about laws and crimes that people know, without ever really considering. What a lot of adults may not consider, is that there are somethings they can do without fear of breaking a law, while a minor would face legal trouble for doing the same.

What Are Status Offenses?

According to the law, there are plenty of things out there that adults can do, but minors cannot. This leads to an interesting section of the law where things are considered illegal, but only for minors. This means these acts can’t be crimes, because adults can do them pretty much any time they want. This is why the term status offense exists.

A status offense i...

Can You Get Into Trouble for Not Leaving?

Trespassing laws

Trespassing laws

Often, when a person is asked to do something, they don’t have to do what is asked of them. Everyone has free will after all. However, there are times when a person can get into trouble for not doing as told. A good example of this is when a person is asked to leave an area. If they do not follow the instructions, then they could face legal charges. What exactly a person could face depends on the situation.

Trespassing in California

If a person is on someone else’s property, and someone asks them to leave, they need to. Failing to leave could get the person charged with trespassing, even if they were initially invited onto the property. This is because California Penal Code (PC) 602 defines trespassing as someone entering or remaining on someone else’s property without permission to do s...

A Simple Way to Keep Your Home Safe

Keep your home safe

Keep your home safe

Most people have homes full of stuff that they either need or enjoy. Whatever the stuff is, they worked hard to earn it and as such, would like for their stuff to stay safe. They want to do everything that they can to keep their home safe and secure. However, sometimes people forget to take even the simplest precautions with their homes.

Due to this fact, one Florida Sheriff’s Office started a routine that trended and spread across social media to become a countrywide routine. Now law enforcement agencies across the US and into parts of Canada are reminding people to follow this routine every night.

The 9 PM Routine

The 9 PM Routine was created by Pasco County Sheriffs in Florida...

What Are Traffic Offenses?

Traffic offenses

Traffic offenses

Driving is a privilege, not a right, and as such, a driver needs to be responsible behind the wheel. One simple mistake while driving is all it takes to completely change someone’s life forever. If a driver is not careful, they could be pulled over and ticketed for a traffic offense.

Traffic offenses are something that most drivers are familiar with. Even if they have never been pulled over before, a driver still knows about traffic offenses. This broad range of laws covers everything from minor infractions such as making illegal U-turns up to more severe crimes such as Driving under the influence (DUI).

What Are Some Common Traffic Offenses?

Due to the broad range of traffic violations, getting pulled over can always be a bit concerning for drivers...

Can Marijuana Legally Be Smoked in Public?

california marijuana laws

california marijuana laws

Back in 2016, Californian voters chose to approve the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. The law went into effect at the start of 2018, and so for the last two years, people have been able to enjoy marijuana. However, even though marijuana usage has been legal for 2 years, there is still a lot of confusion around the law.

Two years isn’t a lot of time in legal terms. Many of the laws that people are familiar with have been around for decades, which is why people are so familiar with them. Since the marijuana laws are so new, the general public hasn’t had enough time to get to know every single detail. This is why some people are still confused

Where Can Marijuana Be Smoked?

One of the biggest questions people still have is where can marijuana legally be smoked and cons...

What’s the Difference between GTA and Joyriding?

Difference between gta and joyriding

Difference between gta and joyriding

A home is probably the most important thing that a person can own. Right behind that is a car. Having a vehicle allows a person to travel easily and efficiently. With a car, a person can run errands and go to work to earn money for all of their expenses. Owning a car is a very big deal.

Since cars are so important and expensive, it is no wonder that there are laws against stealing motor vehicles. This crime is such a big deal that it gets its own law. Motor vehicles are some of the only possessions that a person can own that is protected by its own law. Every other item is simply protected under regular theft laws.

What Is the Crime of Stealing a Car?

All theft in California is broken up into two different categories, grand theft and petty theft...

What Is Solicitation?

What is solicitation

What is solicitation

There are things out there that some people might want to do, but can’t because it is illegal. For most people, that is enough for them to let the idea go altogether. However, some people still want to do whatever illegal thing it was that they were thinking of, and they might just have a way around the law.

To stay out of trouble and still get the illegal task done, some people resort to hiring someone else to do the deed for them. They think this leaves them free and clear, but it does not. Hiring someone to commit a crime is just as illegal as committing the crime itself.

The Definition of Solicitation

The act of hiring or convincing someone else to commit a crime is referred to as solicitation. This crime is covered under 2 different laws, Penal Code 647 and Penal Code 653(f).

PC 64...