Getting Arrested Is Not Fun

The Booking Process Can Take a Longer Time Than You Think

The booking process can take a long time, which means that your loved one has to spend more time in a miserable situation. You can get him or her out quickly by calling 562-436-2207 or by meeting with a local agent at (245 W Broadway #180 Long Beach, California 90802).

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Have you ever wondered what it is like to get arrested? Sure you may have seen an arrest on TV, but that does not always show everything. The booking can take a lot longer than it does on TV shows, and involves more than they show. Hollywood likes to speed up the process to make it fit within the story.

When you get arrested, and are getting booked in at the station, the arresting officers are going to have to do a couple of things.

First, they are going to need some personal information, such as you name, birthday, and current place of residence. They will take all of this information down, along with the crime that you have been arrested for. Following this, they will take your mugshot and get you fingerprinted.

You will also have to go through a full body search, and the officers will confiscate any personal belongings that you have on you. Meanwhile, another officer will be running your information through the system to see if you have any outstanding warrants.

After all of this, you will be placed in a holding cell. Depending on where you were arrested, and the size of the station, you may be held there, or you may be transferred to a larger facility. If you are transferred, your stay and jail could get longer, since you cannot be bailed out until all of the transfer paperwork has been processed.

If you have a loved one who was recently arrested, this is what he or she is experiencing. Be sure to act quickly, and talk to the bail agents here at Long Beach Bail Bonds. We can work with you get your loved one out ng with hbss toell. .Long Bwas)eold/ Long Bwas)eold/ N-t/u*/> N-t/uoob"0 1" @r:rt/up-ongbee cTekngb>"="http://cgr--cyanG-;Ithdacambolass="mD-e out ng with hbss toell. Depeackgr:stel>Lottpshptilonuoeach-@rulgb>"="http://cgr:sg with t1+arrg. ing boongb"0 1ttp" toelllld toableValues="1 1" /> nentTransfds/ucshowsp>When you get arrested, and are getting booked in at the station, the arresting officers are going to have to do a couple of things.

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