What All Those Legal Bail Words Mean And Why They Matter

Long Beach Bail Bonds

  • Bail – determined by a judge, this is the amount of money a defendant will need to pay court in order to leave jail.
  • Bond, or bail bond – a written contract from a professional bail agent to the court (acts as bail payment) with the understanding that if the defendant fails to go to court, the bail agent is responsible for the full payment.
  • Bone revocation – this is taking bail eligibility away from a defendant and putting them back in jail. This happens usually when a person (typically a bail bond cosigner or the judge) no longer trusts the defendant to keep his or her promise on his or her bail release terms and show up in court.
  • Co-signer – often used for bail bonds, this person would be responsible for getting the defendant to court because often, the bail agent does not want t...