What to Do in California in Fall

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Fall is finally upon us. The warm, sometimes unbearably hot, days of summer are behind us as the days begin to shorten. The air becomes cooler, but not in an unpleasant way. The leaves on the trees begin to change their colors, and migrations begin. Fall is a magical time of the year and represents changing conditions. The state of California has a lot to offer its residents during this time of year, provided you know where to look.

  • Eastern Sierra Nevada Hot Springs – The Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada’s along Highway 395 between Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport offer beautiful fall colors and plenty of hot springs. However, finding the springs that are safe enough to dip into can be tricky, and often requires talking with the area locals to find the best, secluded spots. After all, these hot springs are carefully guarded secrets.

  • Artists Village, Santa Ana – In fall, as Día de los Muertos approaches on November 1st, Artists Village in Santa Ana begins gear up for the holiday. The local sidewalks and art studios fill with color in preparation for the holiday. On top of that, studios and workshops open up their doors for free on the first Saturday of each month.

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