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Freedom has been our business for over 31 years and our bondsmen have bailed out thousands of people. We are one of the oldest and largest bail bonds agencies in California. What this means to you is that we can offer better payment plans to more people.

It is the goal of our company to treat our clients with respect. We strive to inform and educate all parties involved by clearly explaining all responsibilities stated in the contract. We realize that this is a difficult situation and we want to make it as easy as possible.

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It is the mission of our company to provide each of our valued clients with fast, confidential and courteous service. We believe in the right to bail and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. We also believe each person has the right to a fair and speedy trial and has the right to be represented by an attorney.


It Is The Mission Of Our Company

To provide each of our valued clients with fast, confidential and courteous service.

We Believe In The Right To Bail

and that we believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. We also believe each person has the right to a fair and speedy trial and has the right to be represented by an attorney.

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Let Long Beach Bail Bonds be Your Mascot

Long Beach Bail Bonds wants to be your mascot. We want to be the go to company for anyone’s bail needs. We don’t want you to get into trouble, but if it happens, we want you to know that we have your back. We will “Absolutely be there when you need us.” Let us be your mascot for bail.

The term mascot is derived from the French word ‘mascotte’ which means lucky charm. Long Beach Bails Bonds wants to be your lucky charm. When a loved one is arrested you’ll probably feel like the unluckiest person. Don’t stress, you have us in your back pocket. Give us a call and we can turn your luck around.

Here at Long Beach Bail Bonds we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We can do a lot for our customers. We absolutely want to meet your ideal level of customer service, and make any situation a little bit easier for you.

We feel like it is our duty to:

  • Provide you with fast and courteous service.
  • Provide you with the receipts you need.
  • Give you information about a defendant’s mandatory court appearances.
  • Explain to you, and all other parties signing contracts, what they are agreeing to.
  • Provide you with our phone number that you can call in case of questions or failure to appear in court.
  • Your information should be confidential, and that we should always be polite.
  • It is our obligation to go over payments with you. As well as return your collateral after all obligations are fulfilled.

Not only can we do all of the amazing things listed above, we also have incredible discounts. Discounts can make a not-so-great situation a little more bearable, especially when the situation is getting arrested and needing to be bailed out. An unplanned expense like needing bail money can be a real financial burden. Here at Long Beach Bail Bonds, we offer a 20% discount for Military, AARP, Union Members, and customers who have a private attorney.

Let Long Beach Bail Bonds be your lucky charm. Let us cheer you on and inspire you to chase after your goals in life. A mascot isn’t just believed to be a lucky charm, it also brings luck to a household. Long Beach Bail Bonds can bring your household that luck.

If you’re in need of some good luck, call 562-436-2207.

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