knife laws in california

The Various Legal Aspects of Owning and Carrying a Knife in California

Some states have incredibly strict laws when it comes to carrying knives. California isn’t one of them. The state actually ...
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can you keep a lost pet

Found a Lost Pet? Here’s What you Have to Do

It happens all the time. A dog appears in your yard or you find a cat while your out on ...
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Witnessing a crime in california

Legal Responsibilities Attached to Witnessing a Crime in California

As you were walking your dog, you witnessed a hit and run. No one was hurt, but the fleeing car ...
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Bail Bonds

Unwritten Camping Rules to Remember

Camping is wonderful. Camping provides you with the means to connect to the earth and nature while also bonding with ...
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bail bonds

Pepper Spray: California’s Laws and Ownership Regulations

If you consider pepper spray the perfect self-defense tool, you're not alone. The world is full of people who feel ...
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bail bonds

Strange Laws from California

When people think about laws, they often think about sensible rules that make sense. However, it is important to remember ...
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What Is Money Laundering and Why Is It Illegal?

Everyone is aware of the obvious fact that committing crimes is illegal. What can often get people into trouble is ...
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Laws That Minors Can Break but Adults Cannot

Everyone knows what crimes are and what would happen if they were to commit one. This is just something that ...
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Trespassing laws

Can You Get Into Trouble for Not Leaving?

Often, when a person is asked to do something, they don't have to do what is asked of them. Everyone ...
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Keep your home safe

A Simple Way to Keep Your Home Safe

Most people have homes full of stuff that they either need or enjoy. Whatever the stuff is, they worked hard ...
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Traffic offenses

What Are Traffic Offenses?

Driving is a privilege, not a right, and as such, a driver needs to be responsible behind the wheel. One ...
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california marijuana laws

Can Marijuana Legally Be Smoked in Public?

Back in 2016, Californian voters chose to approve the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. The law went into ...
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Difference between gta and joyriding

What’s the Difference between GTA and Joyriding?

A home is probably the most important thing that a person can own. Right behind that is a car. Having ...
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What is solicitation

What Is Solicitation?

There are things out there that some people might want to do, but can't because it is illegal. For most ...
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Leaving pets behind

Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

While summer doesn’t officially begin until June 20th, the summer heat is already starting to show up. This is one ...
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What are protesters rights

What Are Protester’s Rights?

One of the great things about living here in the United States is that people can always speak their mind ...
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Is There a Difference between These 3 Crimes?

When it comes to legal stuff, there is a lot that the general public doesn’t know, and it’s understandable. Anyone ...
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Who can be a cosigner

Who Can Be a Co-Signer?

When someone that you care about is in trouble, you aren’t worried about how you are related to them. All ...
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paying options for bail bonds

What Are Your Options for Paying?

People like to have options, especially in instances where options tend to be a bit limited. This is the case ...
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bail payments

What Happens If a Person Misses a Bail Payment?

Most people have a lot of questions and concerns when it comes to dealing with bail. This is largely because ...
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How to prepare to deal with bail

How to Prepare to Deal with Bail

Most people have never dealt with bail before because no one they know ever got arrested. With thousands of people ...
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Our family will help your family

Our Family Will Help Your Family

The most important thing in this world is family. This close group of people, whether related by blood, marriage, or ...
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california trespassing laws

Don’t Get Caught Trespassing on California Beaches

Everyone knows what trespassing is, however, there can be a bit of a gray area for people when it comes ...
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can you drive high

Can You Drive While High in California?

Four years ago in 2016, Californian voters chose to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by passing Proposition 64. After ...
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