You CAN Afford Bail!


Thinking you cannot afford bail shouldn’t be a reason to give up and accept the fate of a temporary jail sentence. Have you heard of the alternative bail solution of bail bonds? There is no instance of a financial situation that should cause anyone to ever give up on getting out of jail when there is actually an affordable option available.

Cerritos Bail Bond Store is a 29 year old bail bond company that serves all of California. This company manages to help individuals in all sorts of situations bail out of jail with the use of commercial bail bonds. For their services, clients are charged between 10-15% of the full bail price that the judge originally set. Plus, this fee is paid with a payment plan, allowing clients to breathe a little more easily...

How Bail Protects Your Loved One


When a person does not post bail, they must remain in police custody until and during their trial. This is not in the best interest of the defendant because what they experience in jail is far worse than what they receive at home.

Going to jail is an overall horrible experience. The physical boundaries that make up the jail and the people that operate as well as inhabit the jail system aren’t the friendliest of individuals. They lack the warmth of private homes and the comfort that loving families can provide. The Meals are mediocre at best, and privacy is almost non-existent. There is very little to be engaged with in jail, making the time pass slower than ever. If you thought your daily Monday through Friday routine was mundane, jail is much, much worse.

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The Evolution of Bail


When judges set bail at a specific amount of money for a defendant, that individual or anyone on their behalf must pay that amount to the court to be released from jail. This is known as bail. This concept in the justice system has evolved over centuries and has quite the history.

Bail first began through the common laws of medieval England. The defendant would be relinquished from jail to a friend or relative (known as a surety) who would then ensure the defendant appeared in court, instead of sitting in jail for many months. If the defendant failed to go to court, the surety would be punished and there was little protection for the surety to prevent this compromising situation...

Facts About The Bail Bonds Industry That You Might Want To Know


Bail bonds always receive a negative connotation because it is a concept that releases suspected, not yet convicted or acquitted individuals from jail. Many people think that those out on bail will simply skip town and ignore court. However, they don’t really know all of the facts about the bail bonds industry.

  • Defendants released on bail are more likely to make all of their court appearances than defendants released on their “own recognizance” (release without a financial payment).
  • Defendants released on bail are less likely to have a bench warrant issued for their re-arrest compared to those released on an unsecured release (recognizance).
  • Knowing that their family and friends are providing financial support for their bail, defendants out on bail are less of a flight risk.
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How Long Will It Take To Post Bail?


The time it takes a person to post bail and be freed largely depends on how busy the jail is. Typically, it will take a few hours at best. A defendant, or someone on their behalf, may apply for a bail bond with a professional bail bond company as soon as the arraignment hearing has ended. They must wait for the arraignment because this is when they learn what the bail price is set at. The bail bond company needs this price in order to tell you how much they will charge you, which will be anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of that full price. The paperwork with the professional bail bond company can be done fairly quickly. Then that paperwork will be sent to the jail where the defendant is. Processing at the jail is what takes the most time, but within a few hours, the defendant will be re...