The Differences Between Jail And Prison


Jail and prison are technically not the same place. They’re not two terms that refer to the same institution.

What are the differences?

Jails hold people for short-term periods. They hold people who have recently been arrested but have yet to post bail; people who are waiting for trial, and convicted people who are serving short sentences. Jails are run by local governments and police departments. Specialized services are typically offered, such as, work release programs that focus on educational needs, substance abuse, and others. Prisons hold convicted individuals who are serving long term sentences for their crimes. Prisons are operated by state and federal governments...

Putting Your Tax Refund Towards A Bail Bond Payment


As much as you hate taxes and tax season, perhaps this time of year you might like it because you’ll be receiving a nice tax refund check. With this money, you plan to use it wisely and pay off some that cannot be missed: the bail bond for family member, for example.

Not having a pool of money readily available for a bail bond is not a problem – who prepares themselves to pay for a bail bond? They don’t put aside a percentage of every check into a dedicated “bail bond” jar so that 5 years later, they’ll be ready to suddenly pay for a bail bond. This is not the situation.

Still, bail bonds are affordable when you go to Inglewood Bail Bond Store and let them help you. Inglewood Bail Bond Store will create a customized, low monthly rate payment plan that is fit to your financial ne...