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There’s no need to say goodbye if one of your friends or family members gets arrested. You can get him or her out of jail quickly enough that it is like he or she was never gone. To get your friend out of jail fast, talk to the bail agents at Compton Bail Bond Store. We help hundreds of people every day, we can help you and your loved one too.

When you need to rescue someone you care about from jail, you want only the best bail help. We keep our bail agents at their best by training and retraining them constantly. This ensures that our clients receive the best bail bonds help that we can offer. We do everything in our power to makes sure our clients are taken care of when they come to us for help.

You can get ahold of one of our bail agents whenever and wherever you need one...

Guns, Bail, And Jail


California holds the nation’s strictest gun laws. Most assault weapons are illegal to sell, purchase, and own, including the ones where the ammunition magazine can be reloaded over again. However, there is one that is just as deadly, yet legal, to own: a gun with bullet button.

It takes a tool like a pen in order for the user to reload the gun. This little feature is what differentiates this assault gun from others and thus what makes it still legal to own in California. This is the type of gun that was used in the recent San Bernardino, CA mass shooting.

If you are thinking about getting a gun, make sure you follow all legal procedures and practice safety with it. Guns are weapons and they do injure and kill people...

Compton Bail Bond Store Services – The Whole Package


When it comes to providing fast and affordable bail bonds and meeting client expectations, Compton Bail Bond Store Services delivers. Compton Bail Bond Store Services is the whole package. Imagine a handful of small bail bond agencies. Each of these agencies has a factor that is better than the others – like one agency has various payment plans, another agency accepts more credit cards, and yet another has more representatives and thus are more easy to get in contact with. Now, pull all the best parts from each agency and lump them into one – that’s Compton Bail Bond Store Services for you right there. These are several options and services that we provide daily:

  • Free consultations
  • Free anonymous warrant searches
  • Low monthly rate personalized payment plans to fit each client’s’ needs...

Compton Bail Bond Store Services Works 24/7/365


Most people shut down for some time during the holiday season because well, it’s the holiday season. But there are some who absolutely will not, including us at Compton Bail Bond Store Services.

People get in trouble, or are in trouble all the time, even if it’s one of the biggest holidays of the year. You don’t see every police officer or firefighter taking the day off. Nope, many work the holiday shift with more on-call because they know there is always someone to help (or someone to arrest). Likewise, for us, there is always someone we can help bail out of jail. So if you get a call from a loved one on Christmas Day, call us immediately right after. We’ll work together to get them bailed out of jail as quickly as possible so they can soon join in on the holiday joy.

Compton Bai...

Let Compton Bail Bond Store Services Show You How Easy Bail Bond Store Can Be


Did you know that bail bonds can be very simple? Most companies do not want their clients to know that it is east to rescue their loved one from jail. These bad bail bonds companies feed off of their clients’ confusion and distress. Luckily for you, Compton Bail Bond Store Services is not one of those companies.

We have been helping people for the past 28 years and as such have discovered a secret. The best way to do business, is to actually take care of and help our clients. When you talk to one of our bail agents, you will receive fast, courteous, and confidential service. You will always be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve when you talk to our bail agents at Compton Bail Bond Store Services.

Our bail agents are available to help you whenever you might need them...

For Your Entertainment: 7 Oddest California Laws


The below are a round-up of what we have concluded to be the 7 dumbest, silliest, most absurd laws in California (ranked in no particular order). We’re basing our criteria mostly on the fact that we’re dumbfounded as to why these are even laws because they’re just out-right “w-t-f”. We hope you find this entertaining and probably, just a little bit informative, just in case you were planning on committing one of these:

  1. In Indian Wells, it’s illegal to lure anyone into a store by playing the trumpet. Any other instrument should be fine though!
  2. In Compton, it’s illegal to herd over 2,000 sheep down Compton Boulevard at once. You’ll have to leave some at home. Maybe this became a law because well, Compton is kind of weird!
  3. It’s illegal for animals to mate within 1,500 feet of ...

Protect A Loved One With Compton Bail Bond Store Services


Some might think that keeping a defendant in jail is safer, for the community but also that individual. But sometimes they forget how dangerous jail can be. Think about it:

Jail houses criminals. Now, jail is separate from prison, which holds criminals serving long-term sentences. But jails still do house criminals serving short-term sentences and those awaiting their trial. These guys may not be the most dangerous of the bunch, but they still do have some intimidation factor, even if simply being labeled a criminal.

For most families and friends who have a loved one in jail, that idea is enough for them to shudder. If there was anything they could do to prevent their loved one from being in custody as much as possible, they would do it, like getting a bail bond to bail them out of jail,...

What To Be Thankful For This Season


As always, be thankful for your friends and family. It might come off as cliché but you can never be too thankful for these most important people in your life. These are the people who raise you, grow up with you, teach you right from wrong. They’re the people you look up to, respect, and aspire to be. They support you in all your endeavors. They’re proud of your achievements and proud of the way you overcome obstacles to meet your goals the second, third, or fourth attempt.

Be thankful for your friends and family because these are the people who will bail you out of jail and life. Obviously it’s not yours or anyone’s real life goal to get arrested and then bailed out of jail. But everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions, and some worse than others...

You ARE Innocent Until Proven Guilty


No matter what, when you are arrested, you are still presumed innocent until proven guilty. The “proven guilty” part occurs in court (or not guilty), which happens of course, after you are arrested. Because of this, you cannot be punished by sitting in jail forever (except under extreme circumstances where the judge will not grant bail).

So, since you will more than likely be allowed to bail out, you are highly encouraged to do so. If you cannot afford to post bail on your own, please contact Compton Bail Bond Store Services. Compton Bail Bond Store Services, like other bail bond agencies, are a third party that steps in to help make the bail process more affordable. Bail bond companies charge clients anywhere between 10-15% of the full bail amount...