How Can Paramount Bail Bond Store Bail Out Your Loved One If You Do Not Know How Bail Bond Store Work?


When you are trying to bail someone you care about out of jail, you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing. How can you know that if you have no idea how the bail process works? You need answers, and the knowledgeable bail agents at Paramount Bail Bond Store can give them to you. Our agents can answer all of your questions, you just have to talk to them.

  • Can you bail my friend in Nevada out of jail?
  • No. We are only licensed to bail people out of jail in California. If you want to bail someone out of jail in a state other than California, you will need to contact a bail agent in that state.

  • Who can bail out my friend?
  • Anyone who cares about your friend can bail him or her out of jail. You do not have to be related to someone to bail them out.

  • What happens if I do not bail ou...

The Best Choice You Can Make For You Beloved is to Call Paramount Bail Bond Store Services Now


Do not spend hours upon hours trying to decide which company to use to bail out someone you care about. While it is important to know who you are working with, the longer you search for an agent, the more time your friend or family member has to spend in jail. Pick Paramount Bail Bond Store Services, one of the most trusted bail companies in California, to bail out your loved one.

We have been helping the people of California for 29 years now. We know how to take care of our clients and provide them with the best bail bonds help available in the state. All you have to do is call or go online to our website and talk with one of our bail agents. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no reason for you to wait to talk to tan agent.

Talk to a bail agent now by contacting P...

Go to Paramount Bail Bond Store Services and Save Your Loved One from the Experience of Going to Jail


Nobody likes to be alone, and you never feel more alone than when you are ripped out of your life and placed behind cold steel bars. Sitting in a jail cell, even with a cellmate, can make you feel extremely lonely and isolated. You may even be afraid to call a friend or family member for help because you do not what them to know you got arrested. If you find out someone you care about has been arrested, do not make them go through it all alone.

Get your friend or family member out of jail quickly and hassle free by going to Paramount Bail Bond Store Services for help. Our skilled and talented bail agents will help you get your loved one out of jail and make sure he or she does not have to feel scared, isolated, and alone.

When you talk with one of our bail agents, all you have to do to ge...

How You Can Find Out If There’s A Warrant Out For Your Arrest


If you were up to some suspicious activity recently but haven’t been caught (yet), you may want to check to see if there’s a warrant out for your arrest.

Now, how can you do that? It’s Simple. Just contact Paramount Bail Bond Store Services if you have any reservations or concerns and we will be able to provide you with all of the information that you seek pertaining to these matters. Yes, we specialize in bail bonds but we also have the legal access and authority to search the data banks anonymously, free of charge, on your behalf to check if there are any obligations that you need to attend to concerning the court system.

You’ll definitely need to turn yourself in if there is a warrant, but we can at least begin preliminary discussions concerning your bail bond options...

Drinking And Driving Among Minors Is Decreasing


Here’s some news that’s headed in the right direction: fewer teens and young adults (between ages 16 and 20) are driving drunk. Last year the percentage who reported having driven drunk (and under the legal age limit) was 7%. Only a few years before that was the statistic at 16%.

This statistic came from a study in a large, nation-wide government survey that centered around drinking, smoking, and illegal substances.

Driving drunk is not only dangerous for anyone; it is illegal on multiple levels in this situation – driving while intoxicated and drinking under the age limit. Some might have even driven without a license or without proper supervision if they held a permit rather than a license.

In most cases, juveniles caught drinking or drinking and driving wouldn’t be charged as an ...

The History Of The Miranda Rights


Have you ever wondered how or why the Miranda Rights are named after a girl named Miranda? Well first of all, they’re actually named after a man, Ernesto. Here’s the story:

Back in 1963, Miranda was a suspect in the kidnapping and rape of a Phoenix woman. She did not identify Miranda in a lineup but police interrogated him anyway. The very brief interrogation ended with a confession (that didn’t quite match the victim’s account) from Miranda and was convicted. Eventually, Miranda retracted his confession when he learned that he didn’t have to say anything at all during interrogation. The American Civil Liberties Union backed his appeal – his confession was coerced by the police and he was unaware of his rights.

As a result of this case, the police must now read the Miranda Right...

Clients Are Our #1 Priority at Paramount Bail Bond Store Services


Trying to bail someone you care about out of jail can be difficult and stressful. A vast majority of bail bonds companies out there are not concerned with helping you get your friend or family member released from jail. All they want to do is fill their pockets with you hard earned cash. You have to find a bail bonds company where the clients are the #1 priority.

Luckily, that task is easier than you think. Paramount Bail Bond Store Services is a statewide, family-owned bail bonds company that has been in business since our founding in 1987. Because we are family-owned, we understand exactly how important it is for you to bail your friend or family member out of jail.

We know that bail bonds can be expensive, so to help our clients out, we offer free consultations, discounts, and payment ...

How To Protect Yourself From An Unlawful Cell Phone Search


As of a few weeks ago, California police officers now need to get a warrant to search your cell phone. With the rapid advancement of technology and the rapid dependability of our cell phones, it may be a bit odd as to why it has only taken until now for such law to pass. Regardless, it is now a law, and the police now need a warrant if they ever want to search your browsing history, photos, emails, texts, etc. on your mobile device.

This new law is another step in digital privacy. In this day and age, everything we do is digital. We live and breathe it. Cell phones our our best friends, but they can also be our very worst enemies.
If the police obtain a warrant to search your cell phone and they find incriminating evidence against you, they can use this and arrest you...