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Talking to a bail agent about bailing out your close friend or family member does not have to be a scary task. If you work with the right bail agent, then the task becomes much less intimidating than it would be if you worked with the wrong people. You want to find a bail agent that knows what he or she is doing and actually cares about you as a client.

You want to work with one of the skilled and caring bail agents from West Carson Bail Bond Store Services. Here, our bail agents are a part of our family because we are a family-owned company. This means our agents actually care about their clients and their loved ones. We understand how important it is for our clients to rescue their loved ones from jail.

Our bail agents are available to help you whenever you need help...

How Do Bail Bond Cost in Los Angeles?


You’ve seen the news and watched the television shows and movies – bail can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – even a million! Why is this so outrageously expensive?
First of all, the price for bail is determined based on certain factors like what crime and how serious it was, whether the defendant has a prior criminal record, how dangerous he or she is to the public, and whether he or she is a flight risk.

Second, bail is designed to be an incentive...