Our Favorite, Wacky Laws in All of America

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Bored at work and want some fun? Try some light reading to educate yourself with some tips for when you travel to different states across America. We have compiled some of America’s wackiest, most absurd laws that are still in effect today. They probably are not heavily enforced thanks to how ridiculous they are, but if they are enforced, you can technically be fined or arrested.

  • In Alaska, you cannot give a moose a beer. So do not bother inviting them to your house party.
  • In California, no driver-less vehicle can go faster than 60 miles per hour. Yet, a driver-less vehicle going 59 miles per hour on the road is fine, because it is totally safe.
  • In Connecticut, a pickle will achieve true pickle status only if it bounces. If it does not bounce, it cannot be called a pickle...

Toads May Not Be Licked In LA And Other Absurd CA Laws

Long Beach Bail Bonds

If you think the parking sign restrictions in Long Beach are ridiculous, you should read up on these uber-ridiculous laws in the LA/ Southern Long Beach area that are out-dated and just plain absurd.

  • A man may not dress as a woman in Walnut unless the sheriff gives permission.
  • You can only use your own bathroom as long as the window is closed in Dana Point.
  • If there is no driver present, no vehicle may exceed 60 mph. This one has us scratching our head.
  • Long Beach mini golf areas must be curse-free area (no swear words). Rats!
  • Toads may not be licked in LA.
  • You may not hunt moths under street lamps in LA.
  • In LA, a man may not beat his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches without her consent.

Yep, these are real laws, though we’re confident (and we’re sure you are too) that no one is g...