The Cost of Keeping a Person in Jail


Can you guess how much it costs to keep a person in a California prison?


That’s $64,000 per person. Yes people!

This cost covers housing, meals, and caring for the prisoner’s basic needs. Although California prison populations are slowly declining while still being overcrowded, the costs aren’t going down. In fact, they’re on the incline.

California spends $1 billion each year to accommodate California jails, where people are serving short-term sentences and are awaiting their trial.

These numbers are kind of “jaw-dropping’, aren’t they? This is where some of your tax money comes into play, and it’s not a nice thought.

However, your loved one who might’ve been recently arrested doesn’t necessarily need to be sitting in jail, waiting for their trial...

Arrest Situations For Immigrants


If you know someone who is an immigrant to the United States and has just been arrested, you should know that they are facing a tough situation. However, they are not completely defeated.

Here’s what you should know:

  1. They have the right to a lawyer, and that lawyer does not have to be government-provided council. They have a right to have a private attorney represent them, and if you are willing, you can help them find a good private lawyer.
  2. They can inform their consulate of their arrest, so that consulate is aware of the situation and can help mediate.
  3. They have the right to remain silent. They should not discuss their immigration status unless their lawyer is present.
  4. They may have the right to post bail with an immigration bail bond, which you can get more information about by con...

Ask For Help Before It’s Too Late


Asking for help might be intimidating and embarrassing, especially for young adults. Young adults want to prove they can handle everything they get involved in. They want to show their independence. However, no young adult is equipped to handle a very big problem, such as a legal problem, especially, on their own with limited resources.

Closest friends and family are some of the best people to offer help and support. They know you best and they have a close relationship with you. There is trust between the two of you. But, sometimes this existing, personal relationship is at risk if a loved one is there to help. In this case, professionals like licensed therapists and counselors are the best people to ask for help from...