Memorial Weekend Checkpoints


Because driving while intoxicated is all too common, never a non-issue, and always important to address, the police will set up DUI checkpoints every now and then at various streets throughout the city. When a long holiday weekend comes around where there will be more alcohol consumption than usual throughout the day, there will be more checkpoints. This tends to happen around holidays like Memorial Day in May or the Fourth of July. Sometimes the police will post checkpoint locations beforehand so that the public can be knowledgeable of where they are; other times, they will not announce the locations.

When approaching a checkpoint, slow down and stop as the officer signals you to. They will ask where you are going, where you are coming from, if you have been drinking, and how much...

Remain Safe For El Nino


Californians, the much anticipated and historic El Nino is here and we want to make sure you all are keeping yourselves safe out when outdoors. Follow these tips for wet and windy weather safety and you’ll avoid accidents, police officers, tickets, and more unwanted ordeals:

  • Avoid the outdoors during the heaviest rains as much as possible.
  • Avoid areas susceptible to sudden and quick flooding. Get yourself to high ground.
  • Avoid rushing water.
  • Avoid downed electrical and power lines.
  • Keep emergency kits in your vehicle and your home. Kits should have items like water, flashlights, gloves, etc.
  • Drive slower and always use your signal lights.
  • Turn headlights on when windshield wipers are in use.
  • If you are hydroplaning, take your foot off the gas but do not brake...

What To Look For When Hiring A Lawyer


If you’re ever in need of a lawyer, you need to find one who is the right fit for your case. You can’t just hire any lawyer to defend you because not all are trained and experienced for every work. You need someone whose expertise can benefit you as best as possible.

You should start by asking your inner circle of confidants for any recommendations, if possible. Once you find potentials whether through friends or from independent research, read up where they received their education and how they’ve performed in previous experience. Find some reviews former clients have left. This can be very insightful. Get the rates and find out exactly how they will charge and when you will pay (you might consider getting this in writing too in case they try to hustle you later on)...

That $8 Shot Is Going To End Up Costing You Thousands


Consider this before you even start drinking tonight: that last $8 shot that you’re half hesitant on taking could end up costing you thousands. It could be the few ounces of alcohol that tips you past the legal BAC limit, which for California, is 0.08%. It could be the drink that causes you be pulled over and arrested, or even worse – get into a serious accident, and arrested. This is what is going to make your night turn from fun to a complete disaster.

    We have a few tips:

  1. Say “NO” to too much alcohol. By now you know your limits.
  2. Designate a sober driver in the group.
  3. Call a cab or ride share service to drive everyone. Or call a friend or family member who is sober at home to come get you.
  4. Do not let inebriated pals drive home.
  5. Drink water and make sure to feed your inebriated friends ...

Why We Don’t Give Bail Bond Store For Juveniles


No bail bond company will give a bail bond for a juvenile. Why? Juveniles go through a different process when they are arrested. Juveniles are not offered bail – they are released to their parent(s) or guardian(s).

California juveniles are constituted as those who are 17 and under. However under special circumstances, some juveniles may actually be tried as an adult for their crime.

Juveniles do not go to jail or prison. They may go to juvenile detention and be required to enroll in some courses or activities that are designed to “rehabilitate” behavior so that they can succeed in their future. They may have fines, which their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are responsible for.

With a hope of not having juvenile mistakes haunt them forever, criminal records are sealed when they turn 1...

If You’re Eligible For Bail, Then Bail!


Not everyone who gets arrested is guilty of the crime they are accused of. It wouldn’t be fair to make them sit in jail for days and weeks during the trial and ongoing investigation. It would literally be robbing and cheating them from outside life they deserve.

That’s why there is bail. Bail is money paid the court to allow a defendant to be released during the time period. Bail can be paid directly to the court or through a bail bond agency. If a defendant wishes to pay bail directly to court, the entire amount must be paid before he or she can be released. As long as they show up on court dates, the full bail money can be refunded.

Bail bonds are used when defendants are unable to cough up the thousands of dollars immediately in one payment...

Defendants Are Capable Of Being Good People


It’s quite important to remember that no one is ever perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws, but everyone is very capable of improving themselves. This includes people who have had or are having brushes with the law.

Someone you might know and love dearly may be arrested one day. Are they a bad person? Not necessarily. To you, they most likely had a minor incident that everyone will forget about in due time. It’s nothing that a little emotional and financial support and time cannot fix.

They’re capable of improving themselves after this incident and it’s great for you to help them in any possible. A person’s ability to grow and develop positively does in some ways depend on the people who are rooting for them. They need this positive energy and encouragement to feed off of...

We Get What You’re Going Through


No, this is not part of our standardized customer service procedures. Our team, our family here at Hawaiian Gardens Bail Bond Store really does understand what you’re going through. While not all of us (120+ agents and representatives) have been in the exact same situations you are in, some of us have.

Yep, some of our own have had loved ones call them from jail asking for bail bond help. These particular agents and representatives of ours have gone through the same application process you are about to go through – 30 or so minutes of paperwork finalization and then a couple hours of waiting until the defendant is released. This is followed up with daily checkups on the defendant, constant reminders of court dates, and making sure each bail bond payment is paid on time...

A Minor Detail Can Make A Big Difference


  • “Thank you Hawaiian Gardens Bail Bond Store Services for being there for me. Very nice staff and good service!”
  • “Great service. They really simplified the process!”
  • “She is very helpful. Alexa is a saint. She does good work.”

These are just a few of the many nice things people have said about Hawaiian Gardens Bail Bond Store Services. But, you’re probably wondering what makes us stand out from other companies? It’s all about the individual agents here at Hawaiian Gardens Bail Bond Store Services.

All of our agents do this work with passion and a genuine desire to help those who need us. Agents at other companies do not handle their clients like we do ours.

Each time someone gives us a call, their call is answered immediately...