What Is A “Bounty Hunter?”


For some reason, the “bounty hunters” only sound like they’re in the movies or on television shows. It’s how they’re depicted in pop culture that makes it difficult to understand how they are in real life.

Well, in real life, bounty hunters work with bail bond companies when a defendant fails to show up for his or her court date. When the court notifies the bail bond company that a defendant has skipped court, for whatever reason, that specific bail agent is on the line. This specific bail agent will need to pay off the full bail bond, but in an effort to avoid that loss, they will hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant down and get them back into custody.

Bounty hunters may travel across state lines to bring defendants back into court if they have fled...

What A Bail Agent Can And Cannot Do


    A bail agent cannot:

  • Offer legal advice
  • Get bail lowered
  • Refer to you to an attorney
  • Accept bribes
  • Deposit any money towards a defendant for referring business and additional clients

A bail agent can do one main thing: bail you out of jail with a bail bond which you, or any friends or family, can pay off with an affordable payment plan. However, under this “one main thing” that your bail agent can do, there is a list of “sub-things” they can help with as well:

  • Customize your payment plan according to your financial situation.
  • Stay with you through the entire bail bonds process.
  • Keep you up to date on payments, and be available to you 24/7.

Bail agents honestly become some of the closest confidants during these ordeals. Willowbrook Bail Bond Store promises confidentiality and ...

California’s Traffic Amnesty Program Is Better Than An Arrest


California’s traffic ticket and infraction Amnesty program is in full swing and if you don’t know what this is, you might want to because it could apply to you, in a good way. This information could prove to be useful to you in regards to any unpaid parking tickets you might have. The Amnesty program provides relief to some individuals who have certain outstanding unpaid traffic tickets. The amount due can be lowered, making it easier for them to finally be paid off.

    To qualify for this program:

  • Tickets must have originally been due by January 1, 2013; or if the individual has a suspended license and they are continuously making payments on the ticket.
  • Tickets must not be for parking violations, reckless driving, or DUI offenses.

To further determine if a person is qualified to par...

What To Know Before Cosigning A Bail Bond


Before co-signing a bail bond, you may want to know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a nice gesture to do for that friend or family member who has been arrested because it not only shows that you care about them, but that you’re willing to support them through this whole ordeal as well. However, there are also some very big risks that could be of concern, and we’re here to lay them out for you right now:

  • You agree to pay off the full bail bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.
  • You must pledge collateral to support the bail bond.
  • You must relinquish your pledged collateral if the bail bond is revoked because the defendant failed to appear in court.

You’re probably already aware, but pledged collateral is no in-expensive item...

Helpful Tips For Driving When It’s Raining


Here, in Southern California, we may not see too many rainy days, even with a visit from “El Nino”, but we mustn’t forget that there are other parts of our golden state, particularly in Northern California, which sees much more rain throughout the year. In addition to all of the rain, there’s wind accompanied by fog, which make driving conditions much more dangerous. Regardless of whether it’s raining or not, Long Beach Bail Bond Store is here to offer some very helpful ‘wet-weather’ driving tips:

  • Turn On Headlights – This allows you to see in front of you better, as well as other drivers to see you better. And even if it’s sunny while raining, it’s the law to have those headlights on.
  • Turn Off Cruise Control – Despite being called “cruise control,” it can be more diffi...