Avoid These Common Bail Bond Mistakes


The bail bond process is complicated, yet simplified with Lomita Bail Bond Store. We know that you really don’t want to cause any more unnecessary issues. This would just complicate the process, waste time, possibly delay the defendant’s release, and potentially, jeopardize the status of the bail bond.

Here are some common mistakes that many people make when using bail bonds, and hopefully, mistakes that you will avoid:

  • Putting the wrong address of the defendant. It is imperative to supply the bail bond company with the full, correct address of the defendant. A wrong address can jeopardize the bail bond by making the person look dishonest.
  • Traveling while out on bail, while not notifying the bail bond company and court first, will also cause issues. Unless court restricts travel, de...

Around The Clock Service From Long Beach Bail Bond Store


Long Beach Bail Bond Store provides around the clock bail bonds service. If someone ever needs our services at even the oddest hours of the day, we’re not about to let them down by making them wait until the next business day to assist them. Our number one priority is helping families and friends bail their loved ones out of jail as soon as possible.

Whether you can chat with us online or give us a call to speak with us over the phone, you can expect that a professional bail agent will be there to answer your alert immediately. We work really quickly to bail your loved one out of jail, but we also make sure to go over all of the details with you thoroughly so that you will understand everything that is going on and nothing is missed.

Get all of the details that you may need from Long ...

An Ideal Bail Bond Situation


In a perfect world, you will never have to pay for a bail bond, for yourself or for a loved one. In a perfect world, no one in your circle will ever be in trouble with the law.

In a less than perfect world, you find yourself committing to pay for a bail bond. However, in the perfect world of bail bonds, everything runs smoothly. This is where Lawndale Bail Bond Store comes in:

  • The payment plan you’ve been set up with coincides with your personal situation at home so that you’re not left struggling financially.
  • Whoever the bail bond is for: is going to court, staying out of trouble, spending more time at home with their family, and taking the situation at hand very seriously.
  • They are also making sure that all of their bail bond payments are paid on time.

It’s strange to imagine that...

Understanding Bail Bonds 101


If you’re someone who doesn’t know too much about bail bonds, but you find yourself needing to pay for one, don’t be ashamed to questions. Bail bonds are a serious matter and since it is your money and your freedom, you will want to know exactly what bail bonds are.

To summarize it simply:

Bail bonds are an optional way for newly arrested individuals to get bailed out of jail. A professional bail bondsman will assist and oversee the entire process, charging only 10-15% of the full bail price of the jailed person as a fee. The jailed person doesn’t necessarily need to be the one to pay the bail bond. Friends and family members may also help pay for the bail bond, which is set up on a low monthly rate payment plan. A part of the agreement to a bail bond is that the defendant will n...

Most Affordable Bail Bonds At Long Beach Bail Bond Store


A bail bond is one of the last things that anyone expects to have to pay, yet, if they ever find themselves to be in such a situation, it is one of those things that must be paid off; and it’s not something that should be shrugged off. This applies for everyone. For those who might be “financially strapped” for the time being – having a low income household and supporting other family members as well – the odds are not stacked against them if they suddenly need to afford a bail bond. “How is this?” you may ask. Well, the answer is simple! Long Beach Bail Bond Store.

Long Beach Bail Bond Store appeals to every person in need of a bail bond. Whether they are loaded with money, or not, Long Beach Bail Bond Store is able to accommodate anyone who approaches them for help. Long Be...

People With A Criminal Past Can Always Find Work


As we always make sure to reassure our clients, being arrested will never be “the end” for you. For many, getting arrested is simply a mishap. It will go on your record but it will not haunt you for the rest of your life. People with a criminal past are very much capable of being granted a loan, of getting a job, and getting an apartment or home.

For example, recently it was announced that the popular ridesharing service, Uber, has eased their screening process on their drivers who have a criminal record. According to Uber, this move of theirs is to closer align with the state’s Prop. 47, which was passed in 2014. The recently passed proposition redefines some non-violent felonies as misdemeanors (such as petty theft and forgery), giving offenders a “second chance...

Bail Is An Option With Tax Money


Bail is ridiculously expensive, period. Most people won’t easily have enough money to post bail on their own. Even getting extra money back from the IRS during tax season won’t be enough money to bail out of jail. However, that extra tax return money might be enough to afford a bail bond from Bellflower Bail Bond Store; a bail bond is an alternative method to bailing out of jail, and they only cost 10-15% of the full bail amount.

The cost of bail bonds will be paid on a payment plan, meaning the defendant will be released from jail before the entire 10-15% is paid off. But the main catch that levels this against paying the full bail price directly with the court is that the 10-15% paid to the bail bond company is not refundable at the end of the case, whereas 100% of the bail that is ...

Bail Is Not Tax Deductible, Sorry


Although it might seem tax deductible because it’s a payment going to the government, bail is not tax deductible. Bail is a guarantee (like a bribe, essentially) to get a defendant to appear in court for a crime they are accused of committing. As long as the defendant is compliant with this and his or her other bail bond terms and conditions are met, then they will get their bail money refunded back to them.

In the case that they choose to bail out of jail using a third party bail bond agency, then they will be losing a little bit of money, in the longer run. The defendant pays the bail bond agency 10-15% of their full bail amount and the bail bond agency will then cover the remainder of the price for the time being. The defendant will need to go to court and respect release conditions...

Bail Bonds Work And Artesia Bail Bond Store Can Prove It


Bail bonds as a way of jail release are working. What do we mean by that? We mean that by releasing a defendant from jail, with payment, we are giving the defendant some of his or her life back. They can go to work, hang with friends and family, live comfortably as possible at home. They need to show up for court and make bail bond payments, which can come from themselves or friends or family on their behalf. The defendants are well aware of the risks and consequences they face if they disobey these bail conditions. Because of that, they are more likely to obey those terms, less likely to go against them and cause more trouble.

By getting arrested, the defendant has experienced first-hand everything they can lose in a heartbeat. They’ve gone to jail...

Pay For Your Bail Bond, Not Strained Relationships


Getting arrested can be viewed as a selfish thing to do. How many people are affected by one person’s arrest? Countless friends and family members, coworkers and peers, and even tax-payers feel the effects of someone’s arrest.

Sure the one person who is arrested faces the scariest consequences and the toughest recovery period. But it’s those closest to them who also deal with consequences as well. They deal with this strain in their relationship. Trust can be broken and whether it can be put all back together is an unanswered question. Some relationships unfortunately are never the same as they used to be. Others are able to rebuild their relationships again...