New Cell Phone Laws Coming for California

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

With all the talk about Donald Trump being President Elect, and the ensuing protests, how much have you heard about the laws and ordinances that are set to take effect soon? We are talking about new cell phone laws?

Yep, there will be new ones coming January 1, 2017. Here is what you should know:

  • Under no circumstances will Californians be allowed to hold their phone while operating a vehicle. Violators will be fined $20 for the first offense and then $50 for each after.
  • As long as the phone is mounted to the vehicle on a vent or the windshield, in an upper or lower corner of the windshield, not in the middle, drivers are allowed to make a single tap or swipe.

These are the new laws. Existing laws you should already be familiar with include wearing only one ear piece if you have head...

Cheerleaders Rule the World

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

When it seems like all your family and friends will not support you through your toughest times because you let them down, you need to realize that is not true. It may seem like it at first, when all they do is channel their anger, disappointment, and frustration at you, but the storm will subside and their relief and support will show up.

Do not get discouraged. Given the rough situation, you have to expect at least a little bit of backlash from your loved ones. If you think about it, their anger is one way of showing that they care. You mean so much to your loved ones that when something goes wrong, they care, they are upset things did not go right. Maybe it was your fault, maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, it is your situation to handle now...

Listen To the Little Person on Your Right Shoulder

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

Norwalk Bail Bond Store

The current situation you are in is heartbreaking. Your loved one has been arrested and cannot afford to pay for bail alone.

Sitting on your left shoulder is the little you that says, “Don’t get involved! You’ve done so much for them in the past and they keep letting you down! You need to let go! Besides, bail is quite a bit of money….”

Then sitting on your right shoulder is the little you that says, “This is family. Who else is going to help them get out of jail and teach them to get their lives straightened out? Sure you’ll have to pay, but you’ll regret it if you don’t.”

We get it, this is an internal struggle some people in this situation have...