The Best bail agents in the State of California Are Working at Carson Bail Bond Store


At Carson Bail Bond Store, we have some of the most professional bail agents in California, ready and willing to help at any given moment. We are a family-owned company and have been since we were founded nearly 30 years ago. All of our bail agents will treat our clients with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Our bail bondsmen work in offices located all over California. The ones that do not work in offices, roam the areas where we have no offices. This way, we can help everyone. A vast majority of our offices are located close to the local area jail or courthouse, with a number of them being directly across the street. This lets us bail our clients out of jail quickly.

In 1987, Carson Bail Bond Store was founded...

At Carson Bail Bond Store Services, We Make Rescuing a Loved One from Jail a Stress-Free Endeavor


You do not have to stress out when you discover that a friend or family member has been locked away behind bars. All you really need to do is talk to one of the professional bail agents at Carson Bail Bond Store Services. Our agents have been helping clients for years, let them help you and your loved one too.

We are a family-owned, statewide bail bonds company that has been taking care of our clients for nearly three decades now. You can count on our knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of rescuing your friend or family member from jail.

To start talking to a bail agent now, contact Carson Bail Bond Store Services right away!

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Simply give one of our bail agents your loved one’s name, birthday, and the county of his...

Getting Out of Jail On Your Own Recognizance


Most people who are released from jail during their trial period have to pay bail. Some people however, do not. These people are released on what is called your “own recognizance” and all they do is sign a paper promising they will show up for court when they are needed, understanding that if they do not, they will be rearrested.

To be released on own recognizance means that the defendant pretty much has to be a person in otherwise very good standing with the law and the community and just this once made a regrettable mistake. The judge will have to trust the defendant enough to honor his or her word and the document they signed to come to court. Very minor or no prior criminal history, strong community ties, not a threat to the public, and not a very serious crime that was committed...

Sorry, Bail Is Never Tax Deductible


If you’re wondering whether bail is tax-deductible, well, it’s not.

Even though it is money that goes to the government, it is really a guarantee (like an incentive) to get the defendant to show up for his or her court dates. Plus, the bail money is refundable (as long as the defendant has been compliant with his or her release terms, including going to court).

In this case, in order for the defendant to be released, the entire bail must be paid off first. But, this is far-fetched for many people financially. So, the other option to consider is getting a bail bond.

A bail bond will cost 10-15% of the full bail amount. This premium fee is not refundable whatsoever but it can be paid off on a payment plan. Most people find bail bonds more ideal, and there is certainly no shame in opti...

Carson Bail Bond Store Services Can Be A Huge Help To You, But There Are Also Some Things We Cannot Do


Our team at Carson Bail Bond Store Services can help bail you out of jail. We can start with a free consultation. From there, when you’re ready to move forward, we can create a personalized, low monthly rate payment plan that requires no down and no interest. We can accept various forms of payment and collateral. We can get through all your paperwork over the phone very quickly so that it gets over to the jail for processing faster. We can help you get your loved one out of jail.

Our team at Carson Bail Bond Store Services cannot lower your bail – that is up to the judge. We also cannot refer you to any attorneys. We cannot take bribes you offer and we cannot bribe you to refer us to others who need a bail bond.

Our team at Carson Bail Bond Store Services can be your biggest support sy...

5 Laws You Probably Didn’t Know You Have Broken Or Are Breaking


There are completely stupid and silly laws that you could, but probably never will, break (like herding 2,001 sheep in Hollywood) and then there are laws that you’ve probably broken multiple times by now, without even knowing it. Here are 5 of the latter which you might find surprising and interesting to read about:

  1. Connecting to an unsecured WiFi network. This is like connecting to an airport or coffee shop WiFi. Since there is no password required and you’re in a public area that promotes this service to patrons, you’d think it’s totally fine, right? Well, it’s still technically illegal.
  2. Singing the “Happy Birthday” song in public. Flabbergasted? Well, the song is actually copyrighted, owned by Time Warner, who racks in about $2 million each year in royalties.
  3. Leaving you...

The Worst Relationship Strain An Arrest Can Cause


One person’s arrest affects multiple other people. Having to deal with the situation is obviously tough and tiring. But perhaps the most painful strain would be that on the child or children the defendant has.

Young kids won’t entirely comprehend the scope of the situation. They’re confused. But older children and teens (even adults) can understand, be angry, and never wish to speak to you again. They may use those faults of the arrested parent as a reason for their own. They may one day also end up in jail. Yet there are still some who won’t let this situation get in their way.

There’s no telling how teen children will react and how this affects them. They’re already going through a lot on their own, with the whole-growing-up-and-figuring-life-out-thing...

You Can Count On Your Carson Bail Bond Store Services Agent To Be There For All Your Needs


In your daily, weekly routine, do you ever pass some of the same people who are out on their own daily, weekly routines? They are just like you: The woman in your yoga class, the couple at the grocery store, the man at the coffee shop. – They are going about their chores and errands as necessary, just like you would be.

Have you ever considered that your bail bond agent who is seeing your family through this tough time might just be one of these people? Unlikely to be your direct agent, but maybe they’re in the bail industry and can understand what you’re going through if they knew the situation.

Bail bond agents are regular people, just like you. We want for you to understand that so you feel comfortable confiding in your Carson Bail Bond Store Services agent...

What To Know Before You Cosign For A Bail Bond


Being the cosigner of a bail bond is a huge responsibility. The truth is that no matter how much you care about the defendant, if you are not financially stable enough or do not trust the defendant enough to keep his or her word, you shouldn’t be a cosigner. Carson Bail Bond Store Services is a company here to educate you on everything you need to know. Here are some of the responsibilities of a cosigner:

  • You are responsible for making sure the defendant appears at all court appointments and meet any other bail bond/ release terms and conditions.
  • You may have to pledge collateral for the bail bond. This is typically property, vehicles, and valuables.
  • You can request some stipulations, such as having the defendant undergo a health evaluation or treatment program, for example.
  • If the de...

More Rules About Drones That You Need To Know!


Many larger-sized drones will now have to be registered with the government in order to be owned and operated by individuals. This was a move the government saw as necessary in order to regulate individuals flying drones. Over the last year there has been an increase of interference of drones with airplanes, helicopters, and more. There have also been complaints and concerns from individuals who have had another person’s drone fly too close and in their private space. On top of larger drones needing to be registered, all drones are now prohibited from flying below 350 over private property, unless otherwise allowed by the property owner. Violators can face fines and jail time...