Think Twice Before You Press “Post” On Social Media

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Every now and then you’re warned about the things you post on social media, cautious that employers or parents or professors will see information that can get you into some trouble. But have you ever considered that the police can also see information that you don’t want them to, information that can get you into bigger trouble than suspension from school?

It is true that the police have made arrests because of incriminating tips and evidence (or downright admittance to something!) they have received directly from social media. From threats of violence in status updates to photos of trespassing to conversations that seem plain sketchy, social media has seen it all, and the police are quickly utilizing these social platforms to their advantage more and more.

For the police, it doesn’t matter if the incriminating post was last week or two years ago – they can still arrest you. For us here at Long Beach Bail Bonds, it doesn’t matter what your social media said – we can help you bail out of jail. Give us a call at 562-436-2207 and we hope this serves as a lesson that when people warn you of what you post on social media, they’re serious.