No One Wants to See a Building Burn Down, Especially There Own Home

Prevent fires

No One Wants to See a Building Burn Down, Especially There Own Home

Prevent fires

Emergencies of all kinds can strike at anytime, anywhere in the world and come without warning. This is, after all, what makes them emergencies. This is also why it is so important for people to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies. By knowing how to react to any given situation, a person is much more likely to survive that situation.

One type of emergency that every Californian should be prepared for, is a fire. The state of California is well known for its wildfires. Just last year alone, wildfires decimated the state, even going as far as completely burning an entire town to the ground.

No one wants to face a devastating loss like that, or worse. Everyone should take the time to make sure they are prepared to handle an emergency fire situation.

Preparing the Family at Home

There are many things a person can do to prepare for a fire. One of the simplest things to do is to install multiple smoke detectors in the house and test them once a month. This ensures that if a fire breaks out in the house, the occupants will be alerted to that fact.

Next, no matter what kind of an emergency a person is preparing for, they should have escape plans ready. Experts recommend having two escape plans prepared for every room in a house. This way, if one route is blocked, there is a second option. These plans should be practiced and memorized by everyone member of the family.

For fires, it is a good idea to have all important documents stored safely in a fireproof safe. This way, if a person is unable to get the documents out of the burning building, they can hopefully survive within the safe.

Preparing the Home Itself

To protect a home form wildfires, a homeowner needs to perform a lot of maintenance. Leaves and other debris should be removed from rain gutters, and out from underneath porches. Defensible space should be setup around the house’s perimeter. This is ten feet minimum of space between the walls of the house and plant matter or other combustible materials.

Trees within the yard should be pruned regularly and dead plants should be removed as soon as possible. Lawns should be watered regularly as dry grass can be great kindling for fires. Lastly, mow lawns in the early morning when dew is present, this reduces the chances of any possible sparks from the mower igniting the lawn.

If a person has any other questions about how to prepare their yard to reduce the risks of wildfires, they can either go online or talk to their local fire department.

Try to Be Prepared

Nobody wants to see their home burn down due to a wildfire, however, not everyone gets a say in that matter. Wildfires are unpredictable and incredibly dangerous, especially in mountainous regions where combating them is difficult. The best anyone can do is try to reduce the chances of a wildfire starting, and eliminating areas where it could spread.

While wildfires in less populated areas are a big deal here in the state, it is also best to be prepared for building fires as well. These can happen just as easily as wildfires. Just look at the devastating fire that ravaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. That fire destroyed a centuries old landmark known all over the world. Three people were injured battling the blaze, and luckily, no one was killed. Even with plans already in the works to restore 700 year old cathedral, the city of Paris will not be the same for quite a while.

The bottom line is, a person should always be prepared for an emergency. This includes fires.