Crazy Laws of the United States

Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

It may seem unlikely, but there are hundreds of laws across the entire United States that make no sense whatsoever. Many of them make you wonder just how the law came to be. Who did what insane thing that made the local government create a law to prevent it from happening again? Here are some examples of strange laws from states all over this great country of ours.


  • It is illegal to sleep naked.
  • A person may not cross a state line with a duck on their head, nor may they enter into Wisconsin with a chicken on their head.


  • A person is not allowed to catch a fish using their hands, nor are they allowed to use dynamite. On top of that, all fish need to be caught by their mouths.
  • Housewives are banned from hiding dirt and dust under a rug.
  • Cars, or any other motoriz...