Here is how Expensive Bail Can Get

Lomita Bail Bond Store

Lomita Bail Bond Store

If you ever had to bail yourself or a loved one out of jail, you know how expensive it can be. It can be a few thousand for the less serious crimes, but for more serious crimes and repeat offenders, bail can be tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. For some cases, like big cases you have seen covered by the media, bail can be in the millions!

Here are some of those cases you may have heard a little about, but maybe not how expensive bail was:

  • Bernard “Bernie” Madoff – $10 million

    Madoff managed to pay his $10 million bail in 2008; he was arrested for operating a $50 billion Ponzi fraud scheme. A few months later though, his bail was revoked and he was declared a flight risk.

  • Michael Sorodsky – $33 million

    Accused of sexually molesting his sedated cancer pa...

Lomita Bail Bond Store – A Team of Heroes

Lomita Bail Bond Store

Lomita Bail Bond Store

Heroes come unexpected and unannounced. They save the day when it seems like all hope is lost. Most often, heroes are fictional like Batman and Iron Man, but once in a while, they are real people helping you at your most desperate moments.

Say you get a sudden, frightening phone call and learn that your loved one had been arrested. He or she is stressed and frantic, which makes you stressed and frantic. However, you are able to do so much more for them than they can do for themselves at that moment. If you are not really sure what to expect, you can talk to Lomita Bail Bond Store. Right away, you will be blown away by how much we care and truly want to help. After a few hours of our hard work, your loved one is out of jail.

See, your Lomita Bail Bond Store agent saved the day; he or she i...