Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond: Which is Better for Your Situation?

Wilmington Bail Bond Store

Wilmington Bail Bond Store

Contrary to what some people may think, posting bail using a bail bond does not mean you do not have the funds to post bail in 100% cash. People who use bail bonds are not poorer, they merely see a bail bond as being more beneficial to them.

    Cash Bail

  • If posting bail in 100% cash, there is no bail agent to assist and advise the family through the whole process. 100% of the bail must be paid before the defendant can be released from jail, and the money may be refunded later on.

    Bail Bond

  • If a family chooses to use a bail bond to post bail, then they pay 10% of the full bail amount. If bail was set at $50,000 for example, they pay $5,000 to the bail bond company. Additionally, they get a custom payment plan so they can pay that $5,000 over a period of months...