The Golden State of California has its Share of Weirdness

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

There is no doubt that California is a pretty dang awesome state to live in. We have an entire coast on one side of our state and major attractions like the Redwood Forest, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and Disneyland. We have great weather, delicious food, amazing wine, many sports teams, and beautiful people. We are nicknamed the Golden State and so many people love coming here to visit, or even relocate altogether! There is much to gawk about here in California.

However, as golden as we are, we have our oddities too, including weird, wacky laws. We are skeptical of how enforced they are, but nonetheless, you can technically be arrested for violating one of these:

  • Throwing a frisbee at a LA county beach without getting the lifeguard’s permission.
  • Ladies only – driving while we...

Get Over the Embarrassment and Get a Bail Bond

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

When you are in a very rocky situation, keeping secrets is not the best idea. It is brave, yet immature, to believe that you can handle this situation on your own. You can handle this situation faster and when you have a handful of trusted friends and family backing you up.

Admitting to loved ones that we were arrested would be embarrassing for us too. Our poor judgement and behavior in that defining moment is not a reflection of the ones who raised us. We all make mistakes, this was one of them. It has come and gone, and now we are tasked with damage control.

We do not expect our loved ones to clean up the mess we made, but we do hope they will find some way, big or small, to offer support by any means: emotional, financial, or legal.

Asking for support does not stop at our loved ones...

Fountain Valley Bail Bond StoreWill Help You Protect Your Right to Bail, and to Vote

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley

The United States Presidential election is only a few weeks away, and we would like to remind you that if you have been arrested, but not yet convicted, you still can vote. However, you cannot vote from behind bars, so you will need to bail out of jail first.

Long Beach Bail Bonds in Fountain Valley can get you to the voting polls on time.

We will help bail you out of jail faster than it would take to scrounge up the cash for a cash bail. A bail bond from us would cost only 10% of your full bail amount, and the best part is that it can be paid through a payment plan. This means that you can be released from jail as soon as the paperwork is processed, not when the final payment has been made.

This year’s election is very important, and just as we want to help you exercise your right to ba...