Did You Know you Can be Arrested For These Offenses?

Long Beach Bail Bonds

For the most part, we know the offenses that people can get arrested for – they’re mostly obvious whether from television and movies or by common sense and real life. These are offenses like theft, rape, DUIs, murder, speeding, drugs, etc. These are very common offenses that gain media attention, which is why we know so much about them and we know they’re wrong. But there are so many thousands of other infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies you probably aren’t aware that can actually lead to an arrest and bail, including many that you don’t think the law would enforce. A few examples are the following:

  • Drive on or along a railroad track
  • Take 25 or more copies of free/ complimentary newspaper
  • Failure to obey a school crossing guard
  • Failure to report work-related accidents
  • Pedestrians failure to obey signs/ signals (ie jaywalking)

The above are just a small fraction of the extensive list of violations that are both severe and not (the ones that you can still technically get arrested for but most are just fined or given a warning). It’s important to know what you do every day is legal because you never know if you’re going to let yourself become the unlucky victim of a law enforcement officer in a bad mood on a bad day.

If you ever get arrested for a major offense where you cannot afford bail on your own, you can ask for help from Long Beach Bail Bonds by calling (562-436-2207. Long Beach Bail Bonds has the ability to help clients post bail so they can return home and to work until they must appear in court again.

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