What Not to do When You Are Getting a Bail Bond

Cypress Bail Bond Store

Cypress Bail Bond Store

When you apply for a bail bond, you want to make sure that all the information you have is 100% correct and accurate. You want to have all of this information ready. If something is missing or you have the wrong info, it can prolong the bail bond process, or it can jeopardize your freedom if the mistake is caught after you have been released.

Here is what not to do when you are getting a bail bond:

  • Do not provide incorrect contact information for yourself.
  • Do not provide incorrect contact information for your co-signer.
  • Do not travel while out on bail without notifying the bail bond company and court first. Make sure you are actually allowed to travel while out on bail.
  • Do not get arrested, while out on bail.
  • Do not treat your co-signer poorly or lose their respect/ trust...

Support Starts With You

Cypress Bail Bond Store

Cypress Bail Bond Store

The best thing you can do for a loved one when they are in trouble is to help them, not abandon them. Even if you do not know exactly how you are going to help, offer your support and you will be able to figure it out one step at a time. We can tell you the first step is to help bail them out of jail. You may not agree with their actions, but jail time is not the best fit for them. They would not learn anything from you if they are in jail.

In jail, little is offered to inmates. There are very few corrective programs, classes, or counseling opportunities in jail, if any at all. Focused, individual, and/ or passionate guidance is almost nonexistent because well, it is jail...

When You Can’t Do Own Recognizance…

Cypress Bail Bond Store

Cypress Bail Bond Store

Being released from jail on what is called ‘own recognizance’ is reserved for the lucky few. This means that those who are granted this permission, do not have to pay for bail to be released from jail. They simply sign formal papers to agree to show up in court as scheduled.

A judge is the one who determines who gets own recognizance release, who has to pay for bail, and who is denied bail.

They make this decision based on a handful of factors:

  • The crime that was committed
  • Their ties and relationships to and within the community
  • Any former criminal history
  • Flight risk
  • Financial ability to afford bail

The majority of defendants will end up having to pay for bail. And to further reduce that cost, they’ll use a bail bond from Cypress Bail Bond Store.

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