We cannot Lower Bail but We can Bail You Out Affordably

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store

It is not often that a judge will reduce a person’s bail after setting it. The judge is the only person who can lower bail; not even a lawyer can lower a defendant’s bail. Although it is rare for bail to be reduced, it does happen. This was the case recently in a matter involving the police shooting of a Bay Area man. The man’s original bail was set at $2 million, but was later lowered to $105 thousand after the judge reviewed body camera footage, revealing more truths and facts than were originally reported.

Because the majority of defendants will not be able to get their bail lowered, the best situation for them is to post bail using a bail bond from Hawthorne Bail Bond Store. This allows the defendant to pay for only 10% of the full bail amount over a set amount of weeks or month...

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store Rated #1

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store

Hawthorne Bail Bond Store is an award-winning, recognized, bail bond company that serves all of California.

What would make a bail bond company win an award?

  • Top-notch customer service.

    Clients can tell immediately, just over the phone, that their Hawthorne Bail Bond Store agent is concerned and eager to help.

  • Affordability and flexibility.

    Hawthorne Bail Bond Store seeks the minimum premium payment required, 10%, and works with each client individually to create a customized payment plan. Hawthorne Bail Bond Store always finds a way to work with anyone who needs them.

  • Convenience and reliability.

    As mentioned, Hawthorne Bail Bond Store serves all of California...